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Job Applicants’ CVs Can Be A Horror Story

Job Applicants’ CVs Can Be A Horror Story

But CV Guru, Adrian Caffery, Offers A Solution

"I find that most people don't pay enough attention to the quality of their CV and so miss out on job opportunities because employers get tired of seeing the same old mistakes and same old formats", says Adrian.

"In my career of over 15 years working as a careers adviser, I have rarely seen a CV that did not need further work or did not have errors in it and that includes spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes", says Adrian.

"When an employer is sifting through CVs, not only are they looking for candidates to invite for interview, but they are also looking for applicants to reject and if you give an employer any excuse to reject your CV, the chances are they will", he says.

"Poor CVs come from all sections of society including graduates and professionals who need to pay closer attention to detail as that is what is expected of them by recruiters, but they are some of the worst culprits", says Adrian.

CV Guru, Adrian Caffery, has set up a new CV writing business in South-East London called CVGuru.co.uk. Ex-careers adviser, Adrian's business is based in Woolwich, South-East London where he offers a face-to-face CV writing service to people who prefer to get their CV written in person with Adrian. He also offers an online service to customers who live further afield: city-wide; nationally; and even internationally.

Adrian's business, www.cvguru.co.uk offers a free CV review to customers where he will give his appraisal of a CV and let the customer know what his opinion of it is, and where the CV needs work. If it does need editing or re-writing, then CV Guru offers a re-writing service from £50.

He hopes to build up the business and take on employees in the future and help people improve their CVs and their job prospects.

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