Tuesday, 28 November 2017 12:05

New Year - New Career?

Why so many people seek a change as the New Year approaches The festive season is nearly upon us and as we enjoy the end of one year and the beginning of another, many people reflect on their lives and careers and ask themselves are they happy? The New Year is the impetus that many people need to start addressing where they're at and ask, have they achieved what they thought they would have by this point in their lives? Quite often the answer is no, says CV Guru Adrian Caffery. Adrian is a qualified career adviser who runs a…
But CV Guru, Adrian Caffery, Offers A Solution "I find that most people don't pay enough attention to the quality of their CV and so miss out on job opportunities because employers get tired of seeing the same old mistakes and same old formats", says Adrian. "In my career of over 15 years working as a careers adviser, I have rarely seen a CV that did not need further work or did not have errors in it and that includes spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes", says Adrian. "When an employer is sifting through CVs, not only are they looking for…
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