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How To Create A Professional CV

What is the difference between a professional CV and an unprofessional CV?

The answer is simple – one will get you job interviews and the other won’t.

So how do you ensure that your CV falls into the former category rather than the latter?

It’s not an easy thing to achieve but if you do all of these things below:

  • Put a lot of effort into it
  • Re-draft it several times
  • Proof read the CV several times and get other people to proof read it
  • Pay attention to detail
  • Do a lot of research
  • Spend a lot of time on it
  • Treat your CV like your life depends upon it, which it does by the way

Then you might end up with a professional looking CV that reads well and is targeted towards the jobs you are applying for.

Professional Couple Shaking Hands

Also you need to find out how CVs are presented in your particular industry and how do you find this out? You contact the recruitment agencies that work in your sector and ask them to look at your CV and give you feedback. Or you ask fellow professionals in your industry to look at your CV and give you their feedback and so on.

In other words, if you are a professional, behave like a professional and use your brain and your initiative – be creative. You have a problem, how do you solve this problem? You have a project, how do you manage this project?

Be Creative

How do you know if all of your hard work has worked? As in all other things that professionals do, you test it and then you analyse the results.  Writing a good CV is not easy, if it was, I'd be out of a job!

Of course the ultimate test that really counts, is does your CV get you job interviews and if it does, then it is doing its job. If you’re not getting job offers then there is an issue with your interview skills and then you have another project and problem to solve. Read my blog on ‘Job Interviews’ if you want some ideas on how to tackle that issue.

Job Interview

Obviously there are professional CV writers out there who can take the hard work out of creating a professional looking CV and I will gladly take on this work for you, but to be honest, if you can do it yourself, then do that because a CV is about you and you are the best person to write about you.

Having said that, a fresh pair of eyes is always a good thing and a professional CV writer may spot things that you are not noticing – we all have our blind spots!  You could do what many professionals do when facing a problem they either don't have the skills to tackle or they don't have the time, you delegate - you outsource the problem to someone else to deal with.  Does anyone know where to find a CV Guru?

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